Visitor Centre

The Charles Sturt Museum is constructing a new Visitor Centre in 2022 to showcase the life and times of Captain Sturt. It will offer a welcoming and accessible entrance to the heritage listed The Grange, the home built by Charles Sturt for his family in 1840 as well as upgrading the gallery spaces and amenities.

The new spaces, linked to the house, surrounding park and more recently developed heritage garden will be able to accommodate more visitors and tour groups of varied ages. It will be able to host more community and heritage events and activities.

More accessible archive facilities will be practical for historians and researchers who want to access the collection, library and exhibition.

A bequest received some years ago has initiated this development. Various donations to the Building Fund have been received from members of the Trust and interested South Australians as well as a small contribution from Sturt family relatives in America. The History Trust of South Australia and the City of Charles Sturt have provided some grant funds towards aspects of the Centre and new exhibition which will showcase the collection. Design and planning is well underway. Construction is will begin in 2022.

Building Fund

The Trust is raising funds up to $250,000 to complete construction and launch a new exhibition titled Antipodean Dreams. A Funding Proposal which outlines the development of an accessible, modern museum precinct is available from the Curator on      
Should you or your organisation wish to contribute, all donations , small and large, are greatfully received. Donations are Tax Deductible.

Donations to the Building Fund can be made by