The Life and Times of Captain Charles Sturt

From its humble beginnings as a prison colony, Australia grew rapidly into a society of free and independent people through convict suffering, and the collective effort and sacrifice of settlers, explorers, surveyors and navigators. The DVD-ROM also acknowledges the suffering and dispossession of the original inhabitants of this ancient continent.

Charles Sturt is a fascinating and integral part of this dramatic story. Arriving in the colony of New South Wales as a soldier, he became a famous Australian explorer, settler, Overlander and public servant, who helped frame the legislature of South Australia.

This DVD-ROM presents a digital/audio-visual image of Australia as it once was at the time of the coming of the Europeans.

The VR Tour of Captain Sturt's home, is an entertaining, informative and self-paced conducted tour of the house with an audio-visual presentation, including text for the hearing-impaired.

This joint project with the South Australian Education Department, the staff and students of The Grange Primary School and The Charles Sturt Memorial Museum Trust depicts life in early Australia as its people struggled towards becoming a united country through understanding its landscape.

System requirements

Recommended system: Microsoft Windows 7 or Apple Mac OSX 10.5 with at least 2Gb of ram, DVD-ROM drive and a display with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

On Windows 7 you should be prompted by the "AutoPlay" window. Select "Run CharlesSturt.exe" from the options presented. If you don't see the AutoPlay window, go to "My Computer", browse to the DVD drive, locate the "CharlesSturt" file of type "Application" and double click to start. Requires QuickTime 7 or later and Adobe Acrobat Reader (installers on the DVD).

On Apple Macintosh, once the DVD-ROM has mounted, browse the DVD-ROM and double click the "Charles Sturt" icon.

This interactive presentation may run on earlier operating systems, but no warranty is offered or performance guaranteed.